Isn’t it fun to have time to yourself. Time to explore your creativity. Even if you never show another soul what you make.

Creativity is personal and fun… come on in and see what I make and do.


Lanhydrock walk

We’re so lucky to live a couple of miles from Lanhydrock House and as National Trust members we can go in free. We often go for walks at the weekend as it is such a beautiful place all year round.

I can’t resist taking photos every visit, the changing colours of sky and leaves are always glorious. Until next time…

November days

It’s a busy time here, getting through hectic days at work, planning and organising Christmas (my pressie shopping is all done bar two), and finishing a quilt for Christmas. I also want to finish making five cute little Christmas elves- another great Dolls and Daydreams pattern.

Aeroplane trails on a crisp morning.

I look at clouds and sometimes see pictures- a crocodile today maybe?!

Until next time…

My walk to work in November sunlight.

November is when we get to feel the first fingers of winter, sneaking its way into late Autumn. Today was the coldest day for a fair while. On the way to work I wanted to capture the beauty of my daily walk and to show how the changing light changes the visual effect.

8.15am Golden sunlight highlights the golds and greens

By the time I walked home at 3.15pm the light was completely different, the weak afternoon sun silhouetting the trees along the avenue.

The view from my sewing room window just half an hour later.

It’s amazing how much light changes during just 8 hours on a dry Autumn day.

Just one damn thing after another (audiobook) by Jodi Taylor

The first of the Chronicles of St Mary books is a great introduction to the series. I listened to it on Audible, mostly as I walked to and from work. I can only wonder what people must have thought to see me laughing out loud as I walked alone!

Plot outline: Max is recruited to St Mary’s Institution of Historical Research, an organisation that secretly time travels into history. Disaster, danger and humour follow as she moves from one historical event to another.

Summary:hilarious and outstanding. I’ll be listening to this again and again

Rating: 5*

Sweet owls

Not long ago I found a website selling patterns for dolls. I browsed it, as you do, had a coffee, and then went back to make a purchase, another the next day and a couple more since then. That site was Dolls and Daydreams. My first dolls were fine, but I’m learning as I go and getting a bit better each time.

I’m currently working on some SleepyOwls- my favourite thing is that Sarah of DADD encourages people to be creative and make their own modifications- hence, my owls have open eyes and longer legs.I’ve cut out some dolls today too, all will be revealed soon…

Today’s audiobook whilst sewing :White Silence by Jodi Taylor


We love walking in the woods in Autumn, enjoying the calm and quiet, watching leaves fall in the colder wind. Our favourite place is at Respryn near Lanhydrock. Though the small car park is nearly always full, you meet few people on the paths, tourists don’t often find these walks.

The photos don’t do it justice, the colours were so much richer.

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a delicious Millionaire coffee, as well as buying a Poppy pin badge.